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“Many thanks to Alex and Paul of Inspiring Coaching. We had a great session on building culture within teams and sports. They facilitated some brilliant conversations amongst my staff about our goals and processes, as well as giving some great insights from some of the greatest books and philosophies in sport. I’ve got some brilliant staff who are always keen to keep stepping things up a notch and it has certainly given me a chance to reflect further on the things we are doing really well and what we also need to improve on”

Phil Lewis, Director of Sport - King's College, Taunton

"The session delivered by Inspiring Coaching on "Lifestyle Management for the Student Athlete" was so relevant and useful for all of our students. The key messages of self-awareness, target setting, creating a strong personal environment, good habits and a routine are so pertinent to our current situation. The challenge for all our student athletes now is, how they use these tools and information to continually improve and develop as individuals and as athletes"

Liam Doubler, Director of Sport - Seaford College

“As a club we are passionate about developing our own coaches and see this partnership with Inspiring Coaching as an ideal opportunity to enhance our current coach development provision. We have a long-term vision at the club to be recognised as one of the leading sports clubs in the region and believe that our playing and coaching pathways are integral to our growth. I have been impressed by the content and bespoke nature of Inspiring Coaching and know that both Paul and Alex share the same philosophy around coaching as us at Cambridge RUFC.”

Richie Williams, Director of Rugby – Cambridge RUFC

“The Inspiring Coaching website and offering has been extremely useful for me. The quality of the speakers that appear in interviews are not only world class, but the insight they give is current and relevant to coaching today. There is a wealth of articles on the topics of Mental Skills, Culture and Leadership which are also very useful indeed. I greatly value Inspiring Coaching as part of my go to tool kit.”

Bill Kingdom, Inspiring Coaching member

“Alex was a great mentor, he got me thinking not just about stuff on the field but also off it which has already had an impact with the teams I coach. Alex was also a really good person to bounce ideas off, too and opportunities for my development have come from Alex being my mentor. I would highly recommend the mentoring offer.”

Ben Thomas, Inspiring Coaching mentoring programme

“Coach Education has to be based on the phrase “AD INFINITUM ET ULTRA“ - To Infinity and Beyond. Inspiring Coaching challenges coaches of all ages and ability to do just this.”

Brian Ashton, Former England Rugby, Ireland Rugby and Bath Rugby Head Coach

“Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is inspiring them to learn rather than teaching them. Inspiring Coaching definitely helps unlock potential, maximise performance and inspire learning.”

 Kevin Bowring, Former Wales National Coach and Head of Elite Coach Development at the RFU programme

“Inspiring Coaching provides a platform for coaches at all levels of the game to develop and grow, enabling them to both identify and reach their goals. It’s a fantastic way to connect with knowledgeable, passionate, and professional members of the rugby community.”

Geraint Davies, Head of PE and Games – Leicester Grammar School

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