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Athlete & Coach development workshops

Support your athletes in their personal growth and support your club and school coaches in their professional development, and book an e-workshop or a face to face workshop with Inspiring Coaching.

Interactive workshops are a great way to help your athletes and coaches develop their skills, knowledge and understanding.

We can deliver bespoke workshops to suit the specific needs of your athletes and your school and club coaches. Or you can select a workshop from the wide range of topics (see below).

Our e-workshops are recorded and the recording is shared with the club or school. For both e-workshops and face to face workshops we also provide learning notes.  

Our interactive workshops are one hour and one workshop costs £100.

If you book more than one workshop you can benefit from our discounts. See below.

1 workshop    @ £100

2 workshops  @ £190 (a saving of £10!)

3 workshops  @ £270 (a saving of £30!)

4 workshops  @ £340 (a saving of £60!)

5 workshops  @ £400 (a saving of £100 - equivalent to one free workshop!)

Topics for our Workshops for Coaches and Athletes



  • Building Resilience.

  • Managing Setbacks.

  • Developing Confidence.

  • Goal-setting.

  • The Growth Mind-set.

  • The Performance Lifestyle.

  • Developing Mental Skills.

  • The Power of Mentoring.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback.

  • Reflective Practice

  • The Plan / Do / Review Process

Leadership, Coaching and Culture

  • Managing Change.

  • Building a Culture.

  • Developing a Coaching Philosophy.

  • The Player Ownership Model.

  • Development v Winning.

  • Effective learning environments.

  • Good to great coaching.

  • Lessons in Leadership.

  • Environment Coaching.

  • What are your Non-Negotiables?

  • Thinking Differently.



  • Understanding Game Sense.

  • Developing a Playing Philosophy

  • Delivering a Performance Programme.

  • Tactical Analysis.

  • Process v outcome.

  • The Principles of Attack (15-a-side).

  • The Principles of Defence (15-a-side).

  • The Principles of Attack (7-a-side)

  • The Principles of Defence (7-a-side).

  • Decision-making Games.

  • Drills v Games.

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