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As a sports coach you owe it to your athletes to be the best coach you can be. To be the best means you need to invest in your own personal and professional development. Inspiring Coaching provides a unique and bespoke service to inform, connect and support sports coaches.

We inform coaches through shared knowledge and learning.

We connect coaches with each other and expert coaches. 

We support coaches through 121 mentoring and coaching. 

What's coming up?

what we do

Each week we will upload an article or recording on an aspect of coaching (Coaching Practice, Mental Skills, Leadership and Culture, and Tactical Analysis) that we hope will challenge thinking, stimulate discussion and provoke reflection. Each month there will be webinars with expert coaches and interactive e-workshops to stimulate critical thinking and share learning. There will also be coaching conferences to provide unique learning, networking and career-building opportunities for coaches. So why not "focus on future possibilities not past mistakes" and sign up to Inspiring Coaching today!


People like interaction and coaches are no different! Sign up to one of our conferences and learn from expert coaches. Meeting, networking and connecting with other coaches face to face is fun and motivating. 

Invest in yourself and break out of your comfort zone...

We believe passionately in caring for and helping coaches on their coaching journeys. All Inspiring Coaching members will receive a free 121 mentoring session and be able to access our unique and bespoke mentoring programme. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" and you can take that first step by signing up to our e-mentoring programme today. 

Click below to learn more about e-mentoring with Kevin Bowring, former Head of Elite Coach Development at the RFU, and to watch our first webinar with Brian Ashton, former Bath, Ireland and England Head Coach.


Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is inspiring them to learn rather than teaching them. Inspiring Coaching will definitely help unlock potential, maximise performance and inspire learning.

Kevin Bowring

Former Wales National Coach and Head of Elite Coach Development at the RFU

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