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"You've got to put a bit of thought into (not just) a session... (but) a succession of sessions..."

In our latest Inspiring Dialogue, Paul catches up with Rhys Edwards, Director of Rugby at Loughborough University and also Head Coach of the Women's Allianz Premiership 15s team Loughborough Lightning.

Rhys shares his vision for Loughborough Lightning (to be the best women's development centre in the world), their long-term objectives (to consistently win the AP 15s) and their focus for the 2021-22 season (to win the AP 15s). These are all parts of the Loughborough Lightning Delivery Plan which informs all their coaching, training and playing, and which is further broken down into area objectives (attack, defence, set piece etc.), context and content, delivery methods and a review process. Rhys believes that work and time invested into a core Delivery Plan will make your individual coaching sessions easier and quicker to plan, more effective and more impactful, will align all coaches involved, provide a key and necessary term of reference, and help you create a way of playing for your team.

A fascinating insight into planning at an elite level but also so many takeaways and examples of best practice for coaches at all levels. If you don't have a plan, how do you know where you are going?

Our members can access the full recording in the Coaching Practice section of our Members' Area.

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