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What makes some people successful and others less so?

In our latest Inspiring article, Paul shares a summary of Adam Grant's book: Give and Take. The book offers a research-backed view of what makes some people successful and others less so.

So, why are some people more successful than others? It may be passion, talent, hard work even luck, but Adam Grant believes there is a missing piece to this puzzle. Our success depends on how we interact with others.

We all know that a mutually positive, kind, thoughtful, generous and empathetic coach-athlete relationship is vital to the growth and development of both. But how much time do coaches spend on developing these relationships and the necessary 'soft' skills?

Working more closely with our athletes and willingly giving time, energy and expertise does matter in terms of success and productivity. And although some givers can be exploited and burn out at work, the strategic givers can achieve extraordinary success. A fascinating and thought-provoking read for all coaches!

Our members can access the full recording in the Leadership and Culture section of our Members' Area.

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