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WEBINAR. Really excited to welcome back one of the top coaches in the world, Brian Ashton, former Bath, Ireland and England Head Coach. Brian is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable and insightful coaches in rugby and will be delivering a webinar for Inspiring Coaching on Wednesday 24 February 7pm to 8.30pm. The title of the webinar is Why not Player Ownership? and will focus on how coaches can successfully create and nurture an environment where their players can take ownership of decision-making, problem-solving and standards-setting. The player ownership concept can be the key to higher player motivation and greater team success. The webinar is free to Inspiring Coaching's members. Non-members can sign up for the registration link here:


WEBINAR. Really enjoyable workshop with Coach Logic's Mark Cairns on Wednesday 27 January 7pm to 8.30pm. We looked at the impact of video, portable digital technology and the internet on players' learning, engagement and development. In particular Mark shared some research into Generation Z, those born in the mid to late 90s and known colloquially as Zoomers! This is the demographic cohort who have never known life without the internet! It was insightful to discuss the implications for us as coaches and in particular the need to understand how they learn.

Details of our next webinar/workshop will be published shortly.


WORKSHOP 3. Following the success of our second Rugby Sevens workshop focussing on Defence we are looking forward to our final workshop on Skill Development in Rugby Sevens. The workshop will be on Wednesday 20 January (6.30pm to 8.30pm) and will be delivered by Chris Davies, former Fiji skills coach and analyst. Another must for all Rugby Sevens coaches! It is still possible to sign up for this workshop and order copies of workshops 1 and 2. Here is what one coach said about the Defence workshop:

"Really enjoying the 7s webinars, great insight into the elite game and looking forward to the final session next week."

Non-members and members can sign up here:

The cost for non-members is £15 and for members it is £7.50. Members receive a discounted rate. Please email Paul or Alex for the discount code.


WORKSHOP. Following the success of our first Rugby Sevens workshop focussing on Attack we are looking forward to our next two Rugby Sevens workshops which will focus on Defence and Skill Development. Our Defence in Rugby Sevens workshop will be on Wednesday 13 January (6.30pm to 8.30pm) and our Skill Development in Rugby Sevens will be on Wednesday 20 January (6.30pm to 8.30pm). A must for all Rugby Sevens coaches! Still places available! Here is what one Sevens coach said about the workshop:

"Thank you for the awesome 7s CPD opportunity that you have set up. Yesterday's workshop was extremely informative."

Non-members and members can sign up here:

The cost for non-members is £35 and for members it is £21. Members receive a discounted rate. Please email Paul or Alex for the discount code.


COACHES' DIALOGUE. Members can now access our latest recording with Dr Anna Stodter who is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching and Physical Education at Anglia Ruskin University. The recording is in the Coaching Practice section of our Members' Area. Anna's particular research focusses on the processes of coach learning. How do coaches learn? If we understand how we learn and think, not only we will be better coaches we will have a more positive impact on our players. Simply by knowing how you think, you can enhance your own learning. Knowing why you accept, pick up or reject new learning is as powerful as the learning itself. During the recording Anna shares a set of 10 Key Principles to help those involved in designing and delivering learning to better understand what's happening when we engage in learning. Quite simply, by expanding our personal learning filters we will be more considerate and conscious in our approach to coaching. And that must be a good thing!


DECEMBER WORKSHOP. Our last coaches' workshop of 2020 will be on Wednesday 16 December 7pm to 8pm. In the workshop we will build on the learning in the webinar with Geraint Davies and look at how we can design effective and purposeful coaching practices using tactical analysis. The workshop will be interactive with coaches analysing clips from matches and sharing how they would break down the components of play into meaningful coaching practices. Here are the clips we will be using:


DECEMBER WEBINAR. Our webinar on Wednesday 9 December will be with Level 4 Coach Geraint Davies. Geraint will be looking at Using Analysis to Design Coaching Practices. Geraint has a lot of experience in producing and using video analysis in his roles as a teacher and performance coach. In the webinar Geraint will demonstrate how coaches can use tactical and technical analysis to develop their players' skills, decision-making and problem-solving, improve their game understanding, and ultimately deliver exciting and purposeful coaching sessions. It's a must for ALL sports coaches. Here is a link to a short YouTube video which will provide some context for Geraint's session:

Members will be sent the registration link.

Non-members can access the webinar here.


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