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Survive and Thrive Under Pressure

It can be a tough time being a Football Manager and even more so if you are Manager of one of the biggest clubs in the world. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is no doubt feeling the pressure and heat at the moment following Manchester United's 5-0 loss at home to rivals Liverpool.

We all know pressure is an everyday part of our working lives and in sport it is very much part of the coaching game. It is to be expected. It comes with the job. But can we manage it? Harness it? Even embrace it? Philosopher Thomas Carlyle said, "No pressure, no diamonds" suggesting that, in manageable doses, it can energize and motivate you to perform and achieve. But too much of it can tip the balance the other way. The trick to making pressure work for you, and not against you, is to find the "sweet spot" between having too little and too much of it.

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