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"Rugby is a tool for making people better..."

In our latest Inspiring Dialogue, Paul talks to Joe Goodman, Level 4 Coach and Head of Rugby at the University of Bristol. Joe talks about Bristol's great start to the season (P5 W5) and how he used the last 18 months to develop himself (networking, exploring, connecting and having lots of conversations with lots of different coaches). We discuss the importance of man management and providing hot/cold feedback to players, and Joe talks in detail about his change to 'transitional coaching'. We also discuss leadership development, values and non-negotiables, and how to build a strong off-field culture.

And in an increasingly structured game dominated by systems, game plans and maps, Joe shares his belief that there is still room for creativity and a style of rugby that, he says, "puts bums on seats and gets bums off seats!" And yes, you can teach props to dance!

To find out more check out Evo Rugby on YouTube.

Our members can access the full recording in the Coaching Practice section of our Members' Area.

Not yet a member? Why not join up today (go to our Services page) and access this and many more Inspiring Dialogues with some of the top coaches and sporting experts.

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