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Lessons for coaches from Gareth Southgate's leadership style

Whether you’re a football fan or not (and I am, despite being a long-suffering Leeds United supporter!), there’s no doubt that the England team and their manager Gareth Southgate, had a successful Euros and lifted everyone's spirits. A big achievement given being the England football manager must be one of the hardest and unforgiving jobs in sport given the intense media scrutiny and high expectations. Sharing what some commentators have written about Southgate's leadership style Inspiring's Paul Westgate concludes that Southgate's leadership style can be characterised by the 5Cs: Courage, Credibility, Caring, Composure and Clarity.

Members can access the full article in the Leadership and Culture section of our Members' Area.

Members can also access the recording of our first Coaches' Conversations which took place on Monday 19 July with Mark Cairns from Coach Logic. Performance Analysis - is it really worth it?

Members can acess the full recording in the Tactical Analysis section of our Members' Area.

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