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How what you eat and drink can affect your mental wellbeing

The benefits of exercise and physical activity are of course well known. Exercise is not only good for your physical health, it also supports emotional and mental health.

We also know that diet and healthy eating can have many health benefits but what is perhaps less well known is the link between diet and a person’s mental well-being.

This is not something new but from a coaching perspective do we seriously consider how what we eat and drink may affect how we coach?

We often advise our athletes on the performance benefits of healthy eating and rehydration. But if what we eat and drink can affect our own mental wellbeing and performance as a coach does it not make sense to follow the same advice?

We know that how we coach is as important as what we coach. What if that loss of energy or bad mood or bout of depression or lapse in concentration was not a sign of poor coaching but was instead linked to our diet? Wouldn’t we want to do something about it?

Members can access the full article in the Mental Skills section of our Members' Area.

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