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How to 'water your crops' in High Performance Sports Environments

In your coaching, are you a harvester or a farmer? Are you focussed on (short-term) performance or (long-term) development?

Inspiring's Paul Westgate shares a fascinating and insightful article from Jonathan McMurtry on the current culture of sport. Sporting organisations and coaches need to investigate and better understand all layers of personality and recognise their players as a whole person as opposed to solely a sporting performer. A must read for all coaches. Jonathan draws on insights from the AUSCycling Chairman, Duncan Murray, (... we are failing to meet the ethical responsibility we have to nurture people with exceptional talents) and the former England footballer and assistant coach of Aston Villa, John Terry, (... after that he came back and he was a new player, fighting back to get into the team and again, it's man-management).

After all, there isn't a successful farmer in the world who just rocks up once a year and cuts the wheat...!

Our members can access the full article in the Coaching Practice section of our Members' Area.

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